Saturday, November 19, 2005

IXTHULUH, Another Obscure Krautrock Band

Ernst Matscheko wrote to me from Austria and requested me to add this band to pHinnWeb's Krautrock links, additionally informing me that:

IXTHULUH was a psychedelic Krautrock band from Austria. Starting with jazz rock, the band soon switched to their own direction, called "near Siberia". Founded 1975, the group was named Ixthuluh since spring 1976. At the beginning enhanced by bands like Can, Gato Barbieri or Gong, they started early looking for their own sound far off from music business. The group bought an old farmhouse in 1977 and changed from the band Ixthuluh to the Kollektiv Ixthuluh. Totally five discs document their work history.
Today the band maybe would be characterized as a jam band. The group disbanded at the end of 1981.


1976/77: Yes We Are A Jazzband
1978/79: No Money For A Radio
1980: Tea At Two
1981: What's The Name

The best album is Tea At Two.

(Excerpt of an review) Two very long tracks dominate the disc. "Forbidden Fruits" is a song in best old Krautrock tradition, reminiscent of Berlin's Ash Ra Tempel, with a pinch of Pink Floyd. "The Long Trail To Gila Bridge" is a song without a pattern, the band calls this sound "off-road rock" -- that's right! "Sittin On My Lonely Chair": only played by drums and electric guitar seems to be a rumbling song of the exercise room at the beginning and evolves to a song full of urgency and expression. There is no feeble song on this album.

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