Friday, February 09, 2007

[MP3] 'Ghost At Noon' by Kompleksi vs. Citizen Omega

'Ghost At Noon' (by Kompleksi vs. Citizen Omega). Our own take on hauntology, inspired by Alberto Moravia, R.D. Laing, Giorgio De Chirico and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari by Robert Wiene.

I'm a ghost at noon
I'm a ghost at noon
I'm a ghost at noon

I'm a ghost at noon
hidden in plainsight
I'm walking on the moon
a sleepwalker at daylight

I'm a ghost at noon
blink, and you'll miss me
I stay in my cocoon
you'll never absorb me

I'm a demon at noon
and I bear shame
I fall into a swoon
no one knows my name

As I stroll down this street
asphalt burns beneath my feet
People think I'm so strange
but I'm just out of their range

I stay in my shell
I could be that wall as well
I don't know if I'm really here
or if I'm someone else's dreams
Please, don't come near
I'm splitting at my seams

The clocks stop ticking
in the town where time stands still
I'm a mask
concealing the real
Safe from prying eyes
I feel unreal

I'm a ghost in the deserted garden
I can feel their stares harden
Chaotic non-existence looms
breathing in exhaust fumes

I feel like a dead in this town
all the people put me down
I hang my head, avoid people's eyes
my mind is paralyzed

What's behind the broken mirror?
I am everywhere and nowhere
My heart is singing
those voices in the dark
and I can't disembark

I'm a ghost at noon
you will never understand me
Permanently out of tune
why can't you see?

I'm a ghost at noon
avoiding people's hungry eyes
It's going to happen soon
sunlight hurts my eyes

(lyrics © pHinn)

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