Monday, February 05, 2007

[MP3] Kompleksi vs. CTNE: 'Kompleksi'

'Kompleksi' (by Kompleksi vs Club Telex Noise Ensemble; originally titled as 'CTNE'). An eclectro-dub psychodrama. Warning: not for the faint-hearted.

Shrinkwrapped soul
kept in the freezer
Brigid the Frigid
she's no teaser

Frozen heart
stopped at the start
Antiseptic, clean
can't be seen

Always immaculate, always absentee
please don't leave spots in me
Stains on my floor
close the door

It's so hygienic
shining surface
Collector's item
never left its package


The fear of being at the mercy of irrational
the fear of losing control

So you freeze
and you put on a mask
under which no one can see or hear you

Saving faces and losing souls
you're an actor and the audience is hostile
You would like to scream
but all the words get muffled all the time
before they even leave your mouth

Talking in fragmented sentences, confused
there are cracks on your concrete shelter

It's important not to be different

(lyrics © pHinn)