Monday, April 16, 2007

Mesak: Yksin

Mesak will have a new album, Yksin ("Alone") out on 19 May 2007, the label will be Stars-Music.

Press text:

"Finnish producer Mesak is also known from his Mr Velcro Fastener electro band.

Mesak has been releasing his solo material deep tech-electronica 12"s out on Klakson Records - one of the legendary Dutch labels run by Dexter & Dj Steffi.

Yksin presents the high quality instrumental bliss of Mesak at its best. This is his long lost debut album which was due to be released on the Finnish psychedelic underground label Rikos Records back in 2004. But alas, the masters were lost in the Finnish security polices anti-terrorist raid to the label headquarters and the release had to be delayed until now. Dusty original tapes (evidence no. 36) were given back after the trial came to nothing. Now the tracks are carefully re-mastered and finally brought to daylight!

All tracks are made by Mesak alone - 'yksin' in Finnish, as the artist usually uses his native language for track titles, and here expresses this is a solo album. The only featuring artist appears on 'Itikat'. It has wind instrumets arranged and performed by Finnish glitch-jazz musician Pekka Tuppurainen.

'Polypunk Bile' & 'Biosyntaksi' are guaranteed pounding-in-yer-face electro groove while 'Fake It Easy' and 'Universal Ending' dive deep into slumber melancholy in a rather downtempo feel. 'Tupajumi' stays tight somewhere in between. 'Unhola' and 'Supo' gives more uplifting soundscapes. Far out, alone."


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