Monday, April 23, 2007

Vladislav Delay: Whistleblower, A New Album

Vladislav Delay: 'Whistleblower'

Finnish minimal dub etc. artist Vladislav Delay (b. 1976), also known as Luomo, Sistol, Uusitalo and Conoco, born as Sasu Ripatti and now living in Berlin, has his new album Whistleblower out on his own Huume Recordings label. You can listen to the album track 'I Saw A Polysexual' as MP3 here.

Artist: Vladislav Delay
Title: Whistleblower
Label: Huume Recordings
Cat.No: HUUME13
Year: 2007

1. Whistleblower (9:44)
2. Wanted To (Kill) (12:20)
3. Stop Talking (9:12)
4. I Saw A Polysexual (9:19)
5. Lumi (5:24)
6. He Lived Deeply (12:54)
7. Recovery IDea (10:00)

Press release notes (PDF).

More info on album and how to purchase it.


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