Monday, April 02, 2007

[videos] Karri O.: 'To Breathe Air'

Karri O.: 'To Breathe Air' (2007)

Karri O. (b. 1974) is a minimal techno/house musician from Helsinki, formerly of Tampere: here he used to run his own record shop Mono Records, DJ and also organise parties, which I often attended too (I remember a couple of those with not too many people present, so I'm glad he has found a better success later on). This is his new video. From the official Karri O. biography:

"Karri Ojanen, who hails from Helsinki, Finland, started his career as an electronic musician and deejay in 1992, after first producing music with a friend of his on a pair of Commodore Amigas. Since then he has performed throughout North America, Japan and Europe, in cities including Detroit, Berlin, Toronto, Tokyo, Kyoto, Paris, Budapest, Stockholm, and St. Petersburg."

"Over the past decade his preoccupation with electronic music has led him in many directions, including event promotion and vinyl vending. Nowadays Karri runs a small audiovisual record label, Abflug, and concentrates on producing his own music."

"Karri's sound is a mix of deep techno and microhouse. The results of Karri's recent producing efforts can be heard on a 12" called "The Hits" recently released on the Berlin-based label Resopal and on a new 12" called "Mysore", which has just come out on the Cologne-based imprint Plong! More releases are due to come out this fall/winter on the Berlin-based Lebensfreude Records, for instance."

  • Karri O. @ MySpace
  • Abflug Records @ MySpace
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