Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ilkka Vekka's Art

Ilkka Vekka (b. 1974) is an artist and musician based in Hämeenlinna, Finland. The Myymälä2 shop/gallery of Helsinki just featured an exhibition of Vekka's works, called "Extempore, o mores". According to the press info it's "Visual and audial noise -- paintings and sculptures mainly out of found/recycled materials, made with as little money as possible. As the soundtrack of the installation there's a massive MP3 installation of the author's musical projects (Haare, Rainbow Ghost, Golden Vomit, ZNF, etc.)" Ilkka Vekka has also been involved with the cult band Plat Ypus, with their experimental/electronic/noise/guitar sound somehow reminiscing me of the legendary late-70s San Francisco band Chrome (though I remember Plat Ypus guys themselves have empathically denied this connection).

  • Ilkka Vekka's art and photos gallery @ Flickr