Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Martin Rev of Suicide to Tampere's Monsters of Pop Festival

Martin Rev, the keyboardist of New York's legendary electronic duo Suicide will arrive to Tampere's Monsters of Pop festival that's going take to place on 9-11 August 2007. Rev's solo works have been released on such labels as Finland's Puu/Sähkö Recordings.

Alongside Martin Rev, other confirmed acts of Monsters of Pop will be Pluxus (a Swedish electro/synth act which appeared at our Club Telex in 2001 and whom I interviewed then), Paavoharju (an internationally acclaimed Fonal Records act, combining ethereal pop/folk with spiritual overtones even to Bollywood sounds), Sister Flo, The Micragirls (my own favourite, a very energetic all-female garage rock band of a cultish reputation), Kukka (a welcomed, albeit brief, return from a Tampere synth/indie band which sadly split after some very promising demos in the late 90s, and whose members have continued in such projects as Risto and Moppi & Aivokurkiaiset), Don't Be A Stranger (Sweden), Anssi 8000 & Hot Coke, Islaja, Cats On Fire, The Rollstons, Genzale, Tolbiac, Obi Blanche, Sweeties and Aksu.

Martin Rev interview

Other Martin Rev search results @ YouTube

Pluxus: 'Kinoton'


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