Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Kompleksi 7" Review @ Nonpop.De

Richard K. has reviewed Kompleksi's 2005 Lal Lal Lal single for German NonPop site.

You can find the review here.



1. "Scorpio" just means Mike Not's star sign; not his nickname or artist alias!
2. Our collaboration with M.A. Numminen (a cult figure also in Germany) was just one remix of a song of his and DJ Sane. The remix has been ready since February 2006 but there's still no info when that planned M.A. Numminen remix compilation will be out.
3. Yes, maybe I was thinking about Suicide (vocalist: Alan Vega) there, but some more conscious influences with the vocals and the song were Iggy Pop and his band, The Stooges; also soundwise early Human League, of 'Being Boiled' era. Also a 60s garage band called The Monks ("It's the Monk time") was in my mind.
4. Well, not that I haven't listened to Depeche Mode (a band that has not done much for me after Violator in 1990) in my time, but for me, 'Moscow 1980' (Polytron's original instrumental plus pHinn's vocals ably assisted by Mike Not's post-production) is soundwise perhaps more a combination of Kraftwerk, Orchestral Manouvres In The Dark (a.k.a. OMD) and New Order (especially in the vocals/lyrics).

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