Friday, May 11, 2007

More On Javelin's 'Moscow 1980' Remix

Eliot Van Buskirk writes at Wired Blog on Javelin's remix of our 'Moscow: 1980', a version which seems to have gathered a bit of a following in the Net, judging by search results and Last.FM:

"If you ever wondered what it might have been like to attend the 1980 Olympics in Moscow as a child with your older brother who is in the military, Kompleksi's 'Moscow 1980' would be a good place to start. The track caught my own brother's ear while he was browsing MySpace, and he decided to produce a remix/cover version.

The original bears a listen, but I really like what he made by manipulating instrumental samples of from that (yes, with permission), and layering in vocals by sisters Larkin Grimm and Annelise Grimm, recorded 'in a warm attic in Georgia [U.S.].' The result is a perfect demonstration of social networking's power to transform media by enabling collaboration.

It's not quite a remix, because it has new vocals, and it's not quite a cover, because most of the instrumentation stemmed from the original version. Whatever it is, it is itself original, and it never would have existed without MySpace or the 1980 Olympics."