Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Difficulties of Independent Club Promoting

Yesterday, when I was again sticking to bulletin boards posters of our next Eclectro Lounge, and thought I had done a good work of covering again the entire one side of a four-cornered poster stand with our ads, I noticed they had added a sign on the top of stand, saying that it is allowed to put there only one poster per one side of the stand -- for one event.

Probably someone working for the City of Tampere had been so much "inspired" by my tireless efforts to cover the whole side with Electro Lounge's posters, that they had to add this sign. Wankers!

Well, big-money corporations like Nokia can afford to get all the visibility they want, but if you're a small-time club promoter and want to endorse your own events you're treated almost like a criminal, just like graffiti painters. The "zero tolerance" policy in this town sometimes gets so ridiculous. In Helsinki they recently arrested some people putting their own street art stickers around the town.
Fascism is alive and well in Finland 2005.

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