Friday, February 25, 2005

Eclectro Lounge 3

Last night, Eclectro Lounge #3. DJ Lasso of Tampere's Slavic Walkmen was guesting with his IDM set. A girl contributing to the goth magazine Schatten came to interview me and Mike Not, who was fighting a case of flu.

Any way, Thursday was a bit like I had been afraid of: like with many club nights I have seen, after the successful opening evening people's interest just will wane, and lesser punters will frequent. I don't know if I should have advertised more aggressively, but it's hard to do that in this town without pissing some people off, it seems (meaning so called authorities and other club organisers).

Well, I have to get some new ideas about how to get new people in. After all, it's not easy to maintain a weekly club in a smallish town (pop. ca. 200.000) like this, and on a Thursday night too.

Anyway, it was still great to see the small group of devoted there, and a lot of people from Rikos Records posse too. By the way, Rikos' other head honcho Heikki Halme a.k.a. DJ Kuuro Kädetön Paisti ("Deaf Handless Roast Beef") now lives in Tampere too, so you might expect some weird 70s Finnhits nights here! (I DJed with him at Entropy's 10 years party in Helsinki, November 2003, and his set there was just hilarious.)

Next time we will have as the guest DJ art barf-uncle a.k.a. Arttu Partinen of Tampere's Mental Alaska club and the world-renowned psy-improv-free-New Weird of Finland group Avarus. Expect a lot of weirdness à la Hawkwind, Krautrock, drone and Finnhits disco of 70s and 80s!

Eclectro Lounge #3 playlist
Eclectro Lounge #3 images by Sakke Karipuro

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