Friday, February 18, 2005

Eclectro Lounge 2

Some time ago I fussed over our first Eclectro Lounge club night at the bar Apadana (ex-Green Grass) here in Tampere (Apadana is a family business run by an Iranian guy). As it turned out, the opening night went fine, and we had a plenty of people attending and even dancing. Even though we received some complaints at times about the volume being too loud, but it was up to certain technical problems with speakers (I think); furthermore, it's often quite hard to monitor the level of floor volume when you're in the DJ booth. But all in all, everyone seemed to be satisfied with this night, so it was a good starter.

So, last night we had Eclectro Lounge 2, with DJ Sakke as a guest, playing the best of 80s Detroit techno/electro sound. Sakke is an old acquaintance of both Mika and me; last time I DJed with Sakke at July's Lavatanssit party in Nokia. I was again anxious about if people would show up or not -- I've had my share of clubs where no one came -- but gladly this was eventually another night turned out fine. Well, should be, since I worked like a slave sticking up -- or should I say "carpetbombing" -- the event ads to bulletin boards: basically, you have to add new posters there at least once a day, as I told before.

Someone either adds their own posters over your own, or then tears all your posters off, it seems. Makes you a bit paranoid, doesn't it? Like, "gee, someone must have something against me". I think I'm going to add to all future posters a small print: "This is not promotion, this is war". Since club promotion really feels like a war; a fight for the eyeballs, as they say in the marketing circles.

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