Monday, February 21, 2005

Hello To All You Who Came Here Through Pinseri

I just added this blog to Pinseri, the list of Finnish blogs. Hello to all of you who came here through that.

Basically, this blog is an extension of pHinnWeb and its mailing list; dedicated to Finnish (but also international) electronic, experimental and avantgarde music, underground culture and some other interests of mine concerning pop culture in general, cinema, literature, visual arts in general, esoteric arts, and so on and so on. As you see, I'm interested in all things between heaven and earth (and below).

Here you can also read about some things that would be too off-topic and personal for the site and mailing list mentioned above. One part of this blog is my personal net diary, where I tell about my every-day life in my hometown Tampere, my dealings with underground music culture and other related things, and also a bit of personal, existential (though hopefully not too exhibitionist) soul searching... my world is not always nice and cute but not totally dark, bleak and hopeless, either. Anyway, proceed only at your own responsibility... [a biiiiig grin of a smiley here]

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