Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Eclectro Lounge

Some time ago DJ Sane a.k.a. Santeri Vuosara (yes, the same guy who has recorded and performed with M.A. Numminen) asked me if I was interested to launch a new club night at a bar called Green Grass here in Tampere. Since I always feel I get too little DJ gigs, you bet I didn't hesitate to say yes. We agreed on that the event would be called Eclectro Lounge, starting on 10 Thursday, 10 February 2005. The "grand" opening night will be tomorrow, with guest DJs Mike Not (my producer partner in Kompleksi) and 5€Schwag (a.k.a. Joonas, Tampere's IDM maestro recording as Toiminto) who also runs local Swäg nights where I have guest DJed.

I guess I'll be mostly playing old and new electro, some synthpop and IDM, and, eh, the obligatory Italo/disco material; perhaps also a little bit of old 60s-70s Moog classics. I'm interested to play some more experimental stuff, perhaps also a little non-electronic material, such as Krautrock, 60s garage rock and psychedelia and, hell, just whatever; it's an eclectic night after all. You never really know; a lot of it will depend on audience's reactions; always very unpredictable. I always get quite neurotic about DJing, in fact; the ensuing symptoms I call Discophrenia. Wish me luck.

Now I've been spending the last days spreading out flyers and sticking posters to bulletin boards all over Tampere; which can be a hellish task with your bare fingers in freezing winter weather; with your fucked-up staple gun which doesn't agree to function properly half the time, and other people sticking their own event posters over your own -- meaning you have to add new posters there at least once a day. You really have to love what you're doing to see all this trouble.

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