Monday, May 16, 2005

Dobatsu Bancho by Alexander's Dark Band

Recently I told you about The Emperor Machine's 'Vertical Tones & Horizontal Noise ' 12"s I received as a DC Recordings promo. Now DC has delighted me with another promo of their forthcoming releases, Dobatsu Bancho album by Alexander's Dark Band, a.k.a. the mighty and prolific J Saul Kane of UK. Here's the press release notes for this one:

Artist: Alexander's Dark Band
Title: Dobutsu Bancho
Label: DC Recordings (UK)
Cat. No: DC54LP/CD
Format: 2LP/CD
Release Date: 11 July 2005

1. 3,000 Dancing Bears
2. Dead Metal Dyno Rock
3. The Creature
4. Animal Love
5. The Immortal Squirrel
6. Animal Leader
7. Baka Monkey Doll
8. Space Donkeys on Crack
9. Menage A Trois
10. Scratch The Pussy
11. Farmyard Battle Weapon

12. Eh o400 *
13. Tram Ride *
14. Hell Chase *
15. Strange Man *
16. Colour *

* bonus CD only tracks

From the disturbed mind of Depth Charge and The Octagon Man comes Dobatsu Bancho, the new album from Alexander's Dark Band, released 11th July 2005, on DC Recordings.

J Saul Kane reaches new levels of audio lunacy with this third Alexander's Dark Band album, following previous album offerings Beat Vortex (1998) and Lord Calrec (2000). With track titles like 'Animal Love' and 'Space Donkeys on Crack', and a sleeve artwork featuring a one-eyed dog and a roadkill squirrel, this West London-based animal leader hints at the depraved dementia that lies within.

Dobutsu Bancho is a traditional Kane-style production that surges through Go Go tendencies of album opener '3,000 Dancing Bears', the P-funk/disco mutation of 'The Immortal Squirrel', the dark tribal rhythms of 'Baka Monkey Doll' and the all-out break-induced mayhem of 'Space Donkey's on Crack'. Kane embarks on an unconventional voyage into the unknown where sea lions roar, rattle snakes rattle and elephants trump, trump, trump over a varied array of beastly beasts.

In addition to the tracks, Mr Kane very kindly provides the 'Farmyard Battle Weapon' for all you bored and lonely turntablists out there, to do with as you please. With more animal soundbites than you can shake a dead ferret at, this tasty little morsel will keep you entertained, should your life be totally lost and empty. The CD also contains 5 additional paw-picked tracks taken from the 2 previous ADB albums (all of which are previously unavailable on CD).

J Saul Kane has been creating his unique brand of innovative music since the release of his debut self-titled 'Depth Charge' single in 1989. Since then he has gone onto release albums and singles under various guises, including The Octagon Man, T.E.T., Grim Death and Mr Selfish, as well as Alexander's Dark Band.

If the charts were based on level of insanity and inventiveness over units sold, surely J Saul Kane and his Dark Band would be Number 1... for at least a week or two, anyway.

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