Tuesday, May 03, 2005

EcLECTRO LOUNGE 10: Is There Life After Vappu?

EcLECTROLOUNGE 10: Is There Life After Vappu?
Wednesday 4 May 2005
Apadana, Suvantokatu 7, Tampere, Finland
20:00 ->
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Searching for life after Mayday... Has Tampere turned into a town of zombies, or are there still some sentient beings alive somewhere in the underground after the Vappu holocaust? Join the expedition of Omega People as the electro probes are launched into the vast unknown...

Nu & old electro, IDM, disco, retro techno, old skool,synth, spacepop, etc., with Kompleksi-DJs Mike Not & pHinn.