Thursday, May 26, 2005

Mark Stewart: Kiss The Future compilation


The end of the month (31 May) sees the release of Mark Stewart – Kiss The Future.

Mark Stewart, the man behind the legendary Pop Group, The Maffia and much more has compiled this album of his material. Ranging from the start of his career in The Pop Group (aged 16!) with tracks such as 'We Are All Prostitutes', 'She Is Beyond Good And Evil' through the 1980s with the epic 'Jerusalem' and classic cuts such as 'Hypnotized' right through to his current material with new tracks such as 'Radio Freedom', a collaboration with The Bug the CD and LP both come with a limited edition set of postcard graphics, designed by the man himself. Kiss The Future coincides with Mark Stewart headlining both All Tomorrows Parties at SEI, London on Thurs June 2nd and the VENN festival in Bristol on Fri June 3rd.


Artist: Mark Stewart
Title: 'Kiss The Future'
Label: Soul Jazz Records / May 2005
Format: DLP: SJR LP113 / CD: SJR CD113


1. Radio Freedom
2. * Hypnotised
3. + She Is Beyond Good And Evil [The Pop Group]
4. Puppet Master
5. = Hysteria
6. # Jerusalem
7. @ We Are All Prostitutes [The Pop Group]
8. % High Ideals And Crazy Dreams
9. # Liberty City
10. < Dream Kitchen
11. > We Are Time [The Pop Group]
12. ? The Lunatics Are Taking Over The Asylum


* [Rhythm 40] From LP36.
+ From the single of the same name.
= From LP51.
# From LP24.
@ From the single of the same name.
% [Rhythm 59] From LP24.
< From LP80.
> From the album of the same name.
? First released on LP1002.

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