Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Something Wrong With pHinnWeb.Org Now...

"Something's happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear..."

If you have received errors now when trying to browse any pages at phinnweb.org, I'm as mystified with this as you are...

It's strange since some pages there load OK, but with some others I get an error page as you can see below. "The domain name does not exist" -- what the #@%*...? Goddamn, I've paid my bills!

This also means that you may not see some of the images on this blog.

I'm now trying to contact my service provider, nebula.fi, to find out what the hell is happening. So, patience, please.

I hate it every time when something like this happens, and for some reason it's always May when these server mess-ups happen to me.

Or try the mirror site at http://phinnweb.bombsquad.org/, but I'm afraid those pages are not as updated...

Yritettäessä hakea URL-osoitetta: http://www.phinnweb.org/early/

Ilmeni seuraava virhe:

Nimelle www.phinnweb.org ei voitu määrittää IP-osoitetta.
DNS-palvelin palautti viestin:

Name Error: The domain name does not exist.
Tämä tarkoittaa, että

Välityspalvelin ei voinut selvittää URL:ssä esitettyä palvelinnimeä.
Tarkista, että osoite on oikein.

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