Friday, May 13, 2005

Risto Jarva's Ruusujen aika on DVD

Risto Jarva (1934-1977) was one of Finland's most gifted film directors whose career was sadly cut short by his death in a car accident. Jarva, who was influenced among all by French "New Wave", was one of the first directors to take Finnish cinema out of its formerly provincial status. I saw Jarva's science fiction Ruusujen aika ("A Time of Roses", 1969) in 1990 when it was shown on local TV, and as an old fan of sci-fi cinema, have for years wanted to see it again, even though some current critics have called the film badly dated. So, the film is probably not the best one Risto Jarva ever made, but it nevertheless holds great curiosity value as a rare example of Finnish science fiction cinema. The film has been finally released as a DVD. -- Now, if I only owned a DVD player...

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