Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Kompleksi 7" Feedback

Peter, who maintains in the UK a nice electro blog called Electrosynth: Music For Robots (you can also find it on the link list here), writes there:

Kompleksi - Fine Rare Finnish Sounds
I've been keeping an eye on pHinn's blog aka Kompleksi and was really taken by his new 7" release '(I Ain't No) Lovechild / Moscow 1980'.

I just love the 'Moscow 1980' track, it really has something about it, listen to the clip the couple of times, and you'll have it stuck in your head. Its not at all predictable, but then not so dark to lose the warmth of the synths which sound really retro, but with a nice edge that makes it a special track.

Its out on Lal Lal Lal and will not be easy to get hold of, limited to 525.

The inspiration for the music must come in part from the answer to the question: Who are Kompleksi?

"Kompleksi ("complex" in Finnish) are Mike Not and pHinn, two ex-suicide candidates from Tampere, Finland, who ride in a red Lada through the gloomy streets of their rainy post-industrial town" Lal Lal Lal

Despite the limited availability, its available on Boa Melody Bar for just £3.50... A great price. keep up the good work, I keenly await the L.P!

Thank you for your kind words, Peter.

So far WFMU (USA) has included 'Moscow: 1980' on their playlists (played by Liz Berg on May 30, 2005); the same track has also been heard on Radio Helsinki. We are looking forward for more feedback...

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