Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Vegetable Man Project: A Tribute to Syd Barrett


IT'S A paranoiac/surrealist project!

The Italian label OGGETTI VOLANTI NON IDENTIFICATI (OVNI) intends to publish by 2030 one thousand different versions of SYD BARRETT's VEGETABLE MAN, putting them into a collection of 50 volumes.

THE VEGETABLE MAN PROJECT is a homage to SYD BARRETT, PINK FLOYD's founder, and to his music. But it especially is a homage to 'Vegetable Man', a song written by Barrett shortly before his departure from the band in 1968. the song was never officially published and it's sadly and ironically autobiographical ("When I read the lyrics, I though: my God! This guy knows exactly what's happening to him!", Peter Jenner, Barrett's producer).

VEGETABLE MAN is a clear awareness of the own disarming incapacity to adapt oneself to the world, and in reality the proud and desperate scream of the solitary searcher lost in the sidereal spaces which divide people.

"I've been looking all over the place
for a place for me
but it ain't anywhere, it just aint's anywhere..."

The project is an attempt to put different musical realities and space-temporal worlds, very often isolated among themselves, in touch with each other, and it's spasmodically looking for the experimentation and the creativity which characterized the artistic activity of Syd Barrett.

To take part in the project:

1. record a NOT-MORE-THAN-4-MINUTE VERSION of the song (you can find mp3 and lyrics on the web). ANY MUSICAL GENRE is allowed.
2. contact Oggetti Volanti Non Identificati at

The collected versions will be published on volumes of 20 songs each, and will be distributed by Oggetti Volanti Non Identificati all over the world.

Every band will receive a free copy of the compilation for every member.



In yellow shoes
I get the blues,
So I walk the street with my plastic feet
with blue velvet trousers make me feel pink.
Theres a kind of stink about blue velvet trousers

In my paisley shirt,
I look a jerk,
and my turquoise waistcoat is quite outta sight.
But oh, oh, my haircut looks so bad...
Vegetable man! Where are you?

So I change my gear,
and I bugger my knees
and I cover them up with the latest cuts
My pants and socks are all in a box
It does take long to find darn old socks
The watch,
black watch,
my watch
with a black face
and a date in a little hole

and all the luck,
its what I got,
Its what I wear,
Its what you see,
It must be me,
Its what I am!
Vegetable man! Where are you?

Ah, ah ah ah, ah ah ah
Hah, ah ah ah, ah ah ah - oh!
I've been looking all over the place
for a place for me
But it ain't anywhere
It just ain't anywhere.

Vegetable man, Vegetable man,
Vegetable man. Vegetable man,
Vegetable man, Vegetable man,

He's the kind of fella you just gotta see if you can,
Vegetable man.

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