Friday, June 03, 2005

[MP3] New Eclectro Lounge Mixes Online

Some fresh MP3s of Eclectro Lounge mix sets... as again, these are online for a limited time only, so be quick if you want to listen/download these!

DJ Art Barf-Uncle (Mental Alaska/Avarus/Hetero Skeleton): cosmic freak-out, lounge, 80s sleaze, weird... [18 May '05]

DJ Sakke (Arabuusimiehet): Detroit vs electro [18 May '05]

DJ Mike Not (Noise Production/Kompleksi): vintage Warp (18 May '05)


A re-run...

DJ pHinn (Kompleksi): noiseclectronicollage mix @ Syntesia (April '05)

All soundfiles to be heard through pHinnWeb


Anonymous said...

Hey, I've been meaning to ask, do you mind if I link to your 'Moscow 1980' track on my blog? Its catchy!

pHinn said...

Hi Peter,

thanks, but expect us to have new vocals there whenever the album version comes out! ;)

Yes, feel free to link to 'Moscow 1980', and if you want to buy a copy of the 7" (a limited edition of 525!), it's available in the UK at least through Boa Melody Bar's mailorder -

More availability info on