Monday, June 13, 2005

Disko Cabine Compilation With Melissa of CoS

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"Disko Cabine is a project that started about one and a half years ago. It was instigated by French illustration duo Cabine (Paul Ioannidis et Hervé Lecouffe) who are based in London since 1998. Knowing most of the artists on this project, having worked with some of them*, they decided to make their own compilation by regrouping them, and asking them for an original track or exclusive version (except Cobra Killer and Electronicat) for the project.

They organized notably some meetings between artists from Berlin and Paris which resulted in collaborations for this record like Jacno and Stereo Total, Khan and Brigitte Fontaine, Jeans Team and Elli Medeiros or Rachel Ortas with Boy From Brazil and Nicole Morier from Electrocute (Pocket Rocket).

Other artists from London, Paris and Berlin were also invited and contributed by giving a song to the project.

Thanks to the exclusivity of most of the tracks, more than a simple compilation, DISKO CABINE represents in the end an album reflecting Cabine's musical taste, a non-conformist state of mind against the current invasion of formatted music."

Artist: Various
Label: Lou France
Cat Number: DISKOCD 001
Released: 13th June, 2005
Other info: mixed CD

01. STEREO TOTAL - Le mec d'hier soir.
02. ELECTRONICAT & KONEKO (aka Catriona Shaw/Queen of Japan) - Keiren "Awoooooo mix"
03. FREDERIK SCHIKOWSKI - Ein lächeln im vorübergehen
04. FELIX KUBIN & ANGIE REED - Russki Beat
05. ELECTROCUTE - Fleisch
06. KHAN (Captain Comatose) & BRIGITTE FONTAINE - Fine mouche
07. HIGHLA HEALS - Groovy
08. GINA V D'ORIO (Cobra Killer) & MARK BOOMBASTIK - Lassolegs
09. BOY FROM BRAZIL - Caligula Rock "part 2"
10. STEREOLAB - Dimension M2
11. ETIENNE CHARRY - Plasmocytes corallins
12. HANAYO & THE HAWK - My name is Tallulah "Ponpons mix"
13. JACNO & STEREO TOTAL - Mars rendez-vous "french version"
14. MELISSA LOGAN (Chicks On Speed) & ARGUMENTEPANZER (aka Ted Gaier/Die Goldenen Zitronen) - This is not a conspiracy theory, this is a conspiracy
15. COBRA KILLER & ERIC D CLARK - I like it when it burns a bit
16. ROBOTS IN DISGUISE vs I AM X - Hot gossip "Sexual Helium mix"
18. POCKET ROCKET & RACHEL ORTAS - Le porte malheur
19. ANAT BEN-DAVID - We're having some good time

*They are responsible for the sleeves of the 'Free Witch and No-Bra Queen' tour single, the 'Calimero' single and the new Monade LP among other things.

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