Thursday, June 16, 2005

Eclectro Lounge #13: Burning Ice Again

Oh well. Nothing special to tell you about this. Guest DJs played nice stuff from ambient and IDM to electro. One scheduled DJ didn't show up. Two competing events again eating up our potential audience members: at Klubi a record release party for another Finnish reggae artist, called Paarma; at Yo-Talo the Fonal Festival event by Fonal Records. What was funny again was that Sakke told me about lots of people he knows who have complained that there are never this sort of events in Tampere, but who will never be there when we've got our club nights. Because of the lack of audience, Abbas asked us to stop already at 12 o'clock. The good thing about that was that I could check the end of Fonal night after I had carried my records home. Just in time to catch Risto's live, though it was Kemialliset Ystävät, who had played earlier in the night, that I would really have liked to see. Glad they will play again in Tampere at the end of this month, as the warm-up act of Acid Mothers Temple. What? Yeah, those furry Japs will be in Tampere again! Yowza yowza yowza for all the fans of retro-Hendrix-Sabbath-Krautrock type of massive wah-wah jams!

And hip hip hooray for all you masses of Eclectro Lounge fans! We've got now club nights scheduled to Apadana also for the next month:

Wednesday 29 June 2005
Friday 8 July, 2005 - Eclectro Lounge Special
Wednesday 13 July, 2005
Wednesday 27 July, 2005

And here's the playlist

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