Monday, March 07, 2005

Juri comments...

Juri wrote as a comment to my latest jeremiad:

I would hate to see you go, so try to hang on in there! Keep these words in mind - it's something Henri Langlois of Cinematheque Francaise said -, there will be three people in the first Carl Th. Dreyer retrospective, thirteen in the next and thirty in the third. And so on. Keep on doing the good deeds! That's the most important thing. What you do is far more important than what those trendy hedonists do or even dream of doing.

In another words: koeta kestää!

Well, thanks for encouragement, but I'm not "going" anywhere, and certainly am not going to stop whatever I'm doing. It will only re-surface somewhere else even if one project stopped. Pitbulls are not the cutest dogs in the world, but once they get their teeth on something, they won't easily let go. However, it's always nice to whine.

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Juri said...

Good to hear you're back in the saddle. Sorry for using such a stupid phrase!