Friday, March 18, 2005

Kari Sipilä

Juri provided info on some Kari Sipilä's early 1970s hippie comic books on Mysteeni Publications. It would be interesting to find more info on Mr. Sipilä's works. Anyone? For more information, see Jorma Elovaara & The Finnish Age of Aquarius.

Author: Kari Sipilä
Title: Zen 1: Aika Ibizalla
Published: Helsinki : Mysteeni r.y, 1972
26 p : 21 cm

Author: Kari Sipilä
Title: Zen 2: Sarjakuvia
Published: Helsinki: Mysteeni r.y, 1975
25 p : 21 cm
("Tähti" : an occultist magazine ; 1972: 5.)

An example of Kari Sipilä's art

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