Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Chicks on Speed Touring USA... Maybe In 4 Years

Recently a Chicks on Speed fan from the USA asked from the Chix: "I was wondering if you could tell me when there will be a possiblity to see the Chix in Los Angeles before Bush kills us all?".

And Alex of CoS answered:

Hello there,

Sorry, we cannot save you, you should evacuate the USA as soon as you can!

To answer your question, when we will come back to the USA:

Never, we had the worst experience going through LA recently, on our trip to Australia, first they fingerprinted us, then photographed us and then locked us in a jail-like room for three hours, with CNN propaganda and chips.

It's not so inviting, and we didn't even have any intentions on entering the "holy" land.

Sorry, I don't think we will come back whilst Bush is in POWER!

Get out now!


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