Friday, March 11, 2005

Eclectro Lounge 5

So, for Eclectro Lounge 5, yesterday night, I was totally zombiefied because of my flu. Probably a lot of it was caused by the stress, and both physical and mental exhaustion: of having to worry again if there will be people this time or not, and so on. Gladly, it seemed people had this time just received their monthly wages, student subsidiaries, dole money and so on, because the place was, if not totally packed, just crowded enough (since the entry is free, our fee is paid from the alcohol sales during the night; and if there are no people buying booze, we don't get paid either). You see, the local club culture runs on the purchase power (aargh!) of students, and whether they have money this time of month or not.

Since I was so pissed off because the bad success of our previous nights, I decided to scrap all this cute-cute glamour stuff altogether, and had created for the night some (not-so-)nice and provocative B/W posters around this old artwork of mine; with such slogans as "Are you another faceless pro$titute for capitali$m?", "No more $lave Mu$ick" (psy-whatever-trance, Goa, Ibiza, superstar DJs and other commercial bullshit), and so on. For the other poster I wrote by hand (the "chicken stratch" style) the slogan "Capitalism leads to destruction!", and used this nice image from Risto Jarva's 1970 film Bensaa suonissa ("Gas in the veins"). And I added the epitaph "TAMPERE CLUB CULTURE IS DEAD" to all posters.
Naïve and childish, of course, but I had a helluva fun making these posters.

And the DJ sets went surprisingly well too, though it must have been quite schizophrenic: Pop Group's 'We Are All Prostitutes' next to Donna Summer's 'I Feel Love'. We decided not to have any guest DJs any more, and it seems we are going to continue these regular clubs only to the end of March, since it seems a hellish pain to do all that promotion myself, and worry if people will be there or not.

Here's the playlist.

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