Friday, March 18, 2005

Eclectro Lounge 6

I don't know if I'm some sort of idiot savant, or just a plain idiot. Eclectro Lounge 6 last night was very much like most Eclectro Lounges lately. Not too many people attending, but what is different compared to my previous depression because of the lack of people at recent clubs, this time I had learned to resign to my fate. Well, at least Abbas, the Iranian manager of Apadana seemed to like our music.

I don't know what's happening, but most things seem to leave me these days untouched and emotionally detached. I'm too tired to even feel angst most of the times: I feel like living inside a giant cotton ball; blood is seeping through occasionally but that's just OK for me. Someone hit the fast forward button without telling me, and I don't know if I'm even keeping up with my own life. Well, but is it too bad if one is an observer even for one's own life? Anyway, we've still got two more weekly Eclectro Lounge nights to go this March; then from April on, we are going to have only one Friday monthly (the first one of this new order will be 8 April).

Here's the playlist.

Eclectro Lounge 5
Eclectro Lounge 4
Eclectro Lounge 3
Eclectro Lounge 2
Eclectro Lounge 1