Wednesday, March 23, 2005

USO's Richard D. Anderson Album Review @ MIR

(Hey, MIR guys, hope you don't mind me reprinting this here...?)

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Musically Incorrect Fanzine #2

USO: Richard D. Anderson Album (CD-R, pHinnMilk)

It's nice that not all experimental underground coming from Finland nowadays is untalented "forest folk" shit. USO utilizes some acoustic guitars, too, but mostly it's electronic stuff. Combining elements of Beck (does anybody remember him?) at his most experimental, poor man's Aphex Twin, all other kinds of weirdness, and ironic takes on different kinds of music, this is surely different, experimental and goofy. That, however, is not really my thing. I appreciate the effort and care put into this, and there are some good moments, but as a whole this has a bit too
much of a art school vibe for me.

Pekka PT

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Anonymous said...

I hear you on the 'art school' sound that stuff can have!

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