Saturday, April 09, 2005

Almost Famous: pHinn Gets Tabloid Fame

The latest issue of Nöjesguiden Finland features DJ Makelove's (Music Is Better) Top 5 music blogs. Alongside,,,, also this blog by your humble narrator is mentioned. Wowie-zowie!

Talking about these "city culture" tabloids, in 2001 the City magazine of Tampere, that bastion of all real underground culture and the home of true street credibility, chose yours truly as "The Best Underground Man In Town"... I was sooo proud I almost burst. Now I'm waiting for my invitation to talk shows, my sex life (whenever I only get one) to be exposed in gossip mags, and my external image and habitus to be changed and overhauled on a reality TV show by five style-conscious gay men! And of course getting groupies! Though with my luck those have been so far male electro/techno nerds with various weight/skin problems... nothing against those people, but in the dating sense they are not exactly my own choice. pHinn, a Hugh Hefner in his own mind. Bring out the nubiles!

Har har har. Sorry, last night's brewskis must be still circulating in my brain. Seriously, it's fun when everyone knows you and you know no one. For example last night, when I was checking DJ Infekto's Beatformers party at Yo-Talo, I was sitting alone at my table, when I was joined by these youngsters unknown to me who wanted to say hello to pHinn and tell about their own music projects. But it was cool, they were nice people. As long as it's not drunken idiots babbling their incomprehensible bullshit -- I'm allergic to those, they always bring out the little fascist in me.

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