Saturday, April 23, 2005

More MP3s: 'Superstar' by New York City Survivors

Did you listen to 'Kompleksi' by Kompleksi vs Club Telex Noise Ensemble yet? If so, here's for you another MP3 to check out: 'Superstar' demo by New York City Survivors (published here by the permission of NYCS).

New York City Survivors (actually named before 9/11) is an electro duo of Kimmo Rapatti (producer) and Irwin Berg (vocals), known for its abrasive sound verging on the edge of EBM/industrial techno: their 'World of Madness' must be one of my all-time favourites ("We're living in the world of madness / and you're just a fucking freak / just like me)". Deliciously twisted and deranged, NYCS have also appeared on the Sound of Suomi compilation of Finnish electro artists on Holland's Bunker Records and The Disco-Tech of... Alexander Robotnick compilation.

Kimmo "Kim" Rapatti is already a legendary figure in Finnish techno/electro music scene, best known for his records as Mono Junk and his own record label, Dum. Irwin Berg, who DJs occasionally, is also a legendary and notorious freak in the electronic dance music scene of his hometown Turku, Finland; there are various stories in circulation about Irwin's adventures...

A list of all soundfiles you can hear through pHinnWeb at the moment.

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