Thursday, April 07, 2005

Citizen Omega: Selfplex

At Eclectro Lounge 8 I got as promo from the artist himself this excellent self-released 2-CDR. Citizen Omega is Mr. Eero Salminen from Vaasa, Finland, where he is also a veteran DJ called Eeroville (a.k.a. DJ Willy). Citizen Omega is another well-kept secret of Finnish electronic scene. A blend of brilliant (and very professional-sounding) electro with vocoder vocals and IDM, this one should find a larger distribution. All serious electroheadz, check Citizen Omega out!

(By the way, our own act, Kompleksi, has also created some tracks in collaboration with Citizen Omega, which can be found on the latest update of our Demo 2004... The tracks are called 'Bioluminescence', 'Gothic Robots', 'Betrayal', '(I Hate Myself For) Loving You', 'Ghost At Noon' and 'No Alternatives'.)

Artist: Citizen Omega
Title: Selfplex
Format: 2-CDR
(I have no idea if this is going to be released also as a "real" CD)
Cat.No.: COCD1
Label: Citizen Omega
Date: Spring 2005


Disc 1:
1. Headstart I/0.exe
2. Electro Inferno
3. Enough Rules (Who's Fooling Who?)
4. Making Future
5. Youth (featuring Hema)
6. Mister Robot
7. Entertainment (Human Range)
8. Funny Rush Hour
9. Example (featuring Club Telex Noise Ensemble & Chicks on Speed) (*)
10. The Siren Song (Selfish Meme)
11. Redesigner's Public
12. Lelux

Disc 2:
1. Concrete Jungle (Cosmix)
2. Metal Rain
3. TeleVCO Electromantra
4. Solarplex
5. ESP (full length)
6. 38 Bioherz

(*) Track 9 is on the sleeve mistakenly credited to Kompleksi & CoS, should be "feat. Club Telex Noise Ensemble & CoS". This is also Citizen Omega's remix for pHinnMilk label's forthcoming CTNERMX II compilation by Club Telex Noise Ensemble vs. various artists.

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