Friday, April 01, 2005

Eclectro Lounge 8

Eclectro Lounge 8 on the last day of March started with a bit of chaos. First me and Mika found out DJ Sane had taken away his CD player from Apadana's DJ booth, which complicated things somehow, since we have both always carried a lot of CDs alongside vinyl with us (DJing with CDs shouldn't kill anyone's street credibility any more in these days when DJs have gone all iPods and MP3s). I was naturally quite pissed off when I found I had also forgotten my headphones home, too. So, I had to return home (perhaps a kilometre or two from Apadana) to fetch them, and by foot. Grumble, grumble, but gladly a little walking in the sunny spring night helped me let off some steam caused by frustration.

The CD player problem gladly solved itself eventually, when my friend, the lovely Taru, who was there, promised to get her own little CD player from home and loan it to us. OK, we found out the RCA cord there was obviously messed up since we could hear only one channel. Nevertheless, having a CD player helped things considerably. La Taru, you're an angel. Smooch!

Checking Eclectro Lounge out was also Eero Salminen a.k.a. Citizen Omega, visiting from his hometown of Vaasa. Eero is a bit similar character to Mika; a DJ who was there already in the rave heyday of early 1990s, and also a great producer who has done electronic music for years with no noticeable commercial success so far. Like Mika, one of Finnish scene's (so far) best-kept secrets, and it's not too far-fetched to say, somewhat a legend too. I got to know Eero during my notorious DJ visit to Vaasa in March 2004, and now we have created as a joint venture project with Citizen Omega and Kompleksi some songs based on Eero's original instrumental tracks, and with our additional production and my vocals (you can hear those on the latest version of our demo). Eero also gave me his fresh new self-released debut 2-CD called Selfplex, which includes among all Citizen Omega's remix for the forthcoming CTNERMX II compilation by Club Telex Noise Ensemble. Some of the tracks, such as 'Mr. Robot' (which I also played at Eclectro Lounge), were already familiar for me from Eero's earlier demos, but I have to say this album sounded just brilliant on my first listening of it; great electro/IDM stuff. Citizen Omega is a name to check out for all you electroheadz.

Well, the rest of the night went just smoothly, and I'm glad Eclectro Lounge seems to have found its dedicated little audience by now. We will now have a month's break with Eclectro Lounge, but our next event will be on Saturday 30 April, the Eve of Mayday and a big celebration night here in Finland. Tentatively, the event will be called "Eclectro Lounge 9: Die Elektronische Walpurgisnacht"...

The tracklist of Eclectro Lounge 8 here.

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