Monday, April 11, 2005

Maxx Klaxon's 'Internationale 2000'

Here is the full-length MP3 of Maxx Klaxon's 'Internationale 2000', an update of the well-known socialist workers' hymn 'Internationale'. You can read more about Maxx Klaxon, a New York electro artist, from this interview I made in 2004.

Our own musical project Kompleksi has created a remix of 'Internationale 2000' together with Tampere's own Tuomas Rantanen, who provided for us relentless, banging and percussive techno monotrax, but I don't know when Maxx will finally get the 12" of remixes out, so this one is yet to be published.

Maxx Klaxon also runs his own blog called Voltage, where you can read more news about his projects and gigs, and about other interesting happenings in the world of electro-pop.

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