Thursday, April 21, 2005

Listen to Kompleksi vs Club Telex Noise Ensemble

One track of ours called

Kompleksi vs Club Noise Ensemble - 'Kompleksi' (originally titled 'CTNE')

is now downloadable both as
mp3 and ogg vorbis.

It's music of my mind, as brought to this world with the kind assistance of Mike Not; an exp.eclectro sonic psychodrama both on a common and individual level, concerning some pivotal issues of geopolitical and economic nature. Warning: not for the weak nerves.

Some feedback:

From pHinnWeb's mailing list -

Rene Kita: "Yow, fun, a new version. This one sounds like psychedelic electro, if there is such a critter. Me likes it a lot."

Sakke Karipuro: "i hear plenty of skinny puppy-ish things here. this is some hot stuff. great sampling too."

And Platinum -


A list of all soundfiles you can hear through pHinnWeb at the moment.

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