Saturday, April 30, 2005

Tonight: Die Elektronische Walpurgisnacht!

Tonight's the night! Vade retro, Kixusatanas!

According to Central European traditions, on the Walpurgisnacht evil dwells on Earth and witches celebrate their sabbats. Here in Finland the nocturnal streets will be filled with scary, lustful and projectile-vomiting zombies wearing grotesque masks, overalls, white caps and balloons; and there are everywhere Satanic orgies disguised as fertility rites, where wicked pagan gods Bacchus, Eros and Pan are worshipped. Hence, the electro priests Mike Not and pHinn exorcise demons tonight at Apadana with the powerful magick of electric boogie, techno sacraments, IDM enlightenment and synth juju! Do you want to be saved or do you want to be cursed? The salvation lies there tonight at Apadana!

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EcLECTROLOUNGE 9: Die Elektronische Walpurgisnacht!

Saturday 30 April 2005
@ Apadana, Suvantokatu 7, Tampere
20:00 h ->
tickets 2 eur
age limit 18

Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin! ELECTRIC BOOGIE!

Vappu a.k.a. Walpurgis a.k.a. Mayday, that noble fest of labourers and the orgastic ceremony of Bacchus, Eros and Pan is celebrated this year by the Walpurgisnacht Electro Special at Apadana (ex-Green Grass) of Tampere, Finland! Nu and old electro, a bit of techno, IDM, disco, old skool, synth and spacepop, as presented by the Kompleksi DJs Mike Not and pHinn.

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